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I don't mind watching Albany. Granted, I don't catch her all of the time, but I've seen her plenty. I've read a lot of negative comments about her as well, but I don't find her "difficult". Others, more often I do.

I follow a host for a  little while sporadically throughout the year on their social event pages to get a deeper idea of who they trult are. I figure if I am going to listen to them and possibly purchase from them I want to know about their character, personality, etc. and get a good sense of their truer selves. Anyone can be a salesperson, so I want to know them, especially the women. You can learn so much more about them this way and understand much better why they act the way they do "on air" and say the things they do. It often alleviates a bit of hostility or dislike when you get where they are coming from.


Obviously, we all are not going to match personalities, but knowing someone better helps you like them better, usually.


Now if you aren't  tolerant of personal quirks, voices, mannerisms, etc. it won't help much at all because you can't overlook the small stuff to get to know the total person.


As always, there are exceptions to this! There are vendors I can't watch myself, and some hosts I just don't

click with well. But I guess that is human nature ! But I try to be more tolerant of everything the older I get !

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Gosh, I enjoy Albany. I find her fun and informative! Honestly though, I really can't think of a host that annoys me enough to stop watching a presentation that I want to watch. Some hosts I don't really enjoy, but I'm there for the product.
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Glad we aren't on the topic of vendors because I wouldn't have a "glowing" reply !


I'm not crazy about every host either, but if I need to see the product I try to be indulgent. Mostly, I just go on- line.


But now, I find I prefer to leave QVC for many reasons and spend my dollars elsewhere.

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Isaac really shines when he is paired with hosts other than SK and AI.  Not sure why QVC doesn't get that.

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In life there are those people who just irritate you  to no  ends. Albany is one of those people. I turn off QVC when she is hosting. She is very full of herself... rather in your face when presenting products and not gracious at all. 

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She may be annoying to some (including me) but I wonder what here sales numbers are like?  That's all that counts with QVC.  Some one in the control booth monitors the number of phone calls that come in during a presentation and they can tell the host in their earpiece how sales are going.  If Albany was being too over the top and phone calls dipped they would tell her.


Just like when people complain about David Venable's happy dance, well guess what the QVC phones go off the wall when he does that.  I got this information from an article a newspaper article featuring David. 


It doesn't matter how much we like or dislike a host, if their sales numbers are there that's all that counts.

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I don't spend that much time watching the other shopping networks (or QVC of late). That said, I don't ever recall seeing anything like some of this over-the-top behavior described in these posts. Are we back in junior high? As far as people pointing out that sales must be fine, otherwise QVC would put some breaks on - how do you know that sales could be even better if people could watch presentations they actually enjoy? There's obviously a very high benefit to TV sales, an emotional factor and created want factor, otherwise QVC would save fortunes by going the website route only. I don't know
for sure, but I read online somewhere that HSN has surpassed QVC with getting repeat customers for the past couple months. Has anyone else seen this? If that is so, you can bet QVC is paying attention.
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Good, bad, or in difference. None of the shipping channel care if you like the hosts or not. It's all about sells. Unless the hosts admits some sort ot felony and it gets to the mass media they will be around until they leave. Their job as sell people is to move product not be your best friend,even thou that's why they have the hosts blog, etc. If the sales tastic get on your nerve, mute button, go on line. Better yet turn the channel, you  can save both your mind and your money.Smiley Very Happy

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She has, hands down, the worst voice on TV.


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Has Albany ever hosted a show with Susan Graver? That pairing would be interesting....Smiley Tongue