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@brownponytail80 wrote:

I thought negative threads about hosts weren't allowed?


Like many of you, I can only take so much of her.  Sometimes she's hilarious, but other times I think she enjoys being the center of attention and tries to make it all about her with her little jokes which are loaded with sexual innuendo many times.



I'm gonna agree with you on the "negative threads about the hosts" part. I'm kinda surprised this is still up. There have been a couple of posts removed, but for the most part, everyone has been fairly decent.


Seems maybe we can opine here, just be nice. Simple.

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betteb....I think the mod is asleep at the wheel.  

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I don't care about the salespeople. I actually tune them out and listen t a presentation.

I don't understand why anyone makes these people out as celebrities or whatever.

They're just reading a prompter and trying to make a living,
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I wonder why Isaac always seems to get these over the top wanna be stars hosts? He seems very kind and laid back maybe that is why - with his regular host SK and now Albany he definitely seems overpowered. Maybe some host retraining for all is needed on QVC after all it is the designer's show not the hosts - or am I wrong?
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The only host I can't watch. Isaac is best paired with Shawn imo.

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Albany is an instant "click" for me.

Isaac manages to roll with any host he is paired with -- I admire him for that!
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This post has been removed by QVC because it went off topic and began to speak about a vendor in a besmirching manner.

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She has been one of my least favorite hosts there.   Stars and garters!

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I don't dislike Albany. I don't think all that much about Albany.


I sometimes think that all of the presentations are too chatty or talky.


I chalk it up to too much coffee being served backstage.


But Albany seems to be a nice person. Maybe trying a bit too hard at times. If you watched the Miss USA pageant this evening, I think sometimes a combo of nerves and needing to talk a lot can get a lot of people into trouble.


Maybe they ALL just need to calm down a little. And maybe the the presentations of each piece might be too long - causing more need for more extended or unnecessarily chit-chat which can ultimately lead to anyone saying too much or saying something that winds up bugging people.


Despite it looking easy, I could not imagine sitting there for hours talking and talking and talking about certain items. And sometimes 30 minutes or even an HOUR on one item is just waaayyyy too long to present something AND talk about it.


After all, even a nice blouse...even a really nice just collar and sleeves after a while.


"Oh, there are buttons! Let's COUNT them!" lol


I really don't know how they do it. So I sort of cut some of the hosts a break on that angle alone.

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She's not one I'l watch.  She's just too ruff around the edges.  She also tries to be an expert on all things.  She's fails in that area, sinks very fast with computers and electronics.  One of the many on the Q that needs to learn how to take a breath.  It seems the Q likes this rude behavior, because they put more of it on every single day.  Sigh . . .