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I feel the superiors need to know how we, the viewers, comment on their programming.

After all we are the ones who buy the products.


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for me personally, if I can't watch, I won't buy. I actually enjoy seeing the item being presented and hearing details. Just going to the website just doesn't always cut it, not with the exhorbitant S&H return fees!

Erratic, unwatchable programming = no buying for me.
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Everyone has different tastes, and some like folksy hosts like Albany. For a while, I would simply change the channel when a show came on with her hosting, but if it were something I really wanted to watch, I have watched. On those occasions,  I thought she was maturing. There was less "brand spanking new" and "cash and prizes" and other folksy phrases that are supposed to reel in a certain audience but alienate just as many. Lately, she seems to have reverted and that is unfortunate. Hosts should grow and mature. Hopefully the direction that hosts receive from their superiors will allow them to improve and keep their individualism, but also make them better at their job and obviously less annoying to their audiences.

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I dont think I would exactly call it "folksy" ?

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I thought it was just me and thought I would keep my comments to myself. Yes, this is my first time commenting but Albany has been on each time I turn on QVC it seems lately and she is so shrill, snarky and rude to vendors and other hosts that I can't take it. Her voice is like chalk on a chalk board and I think something is going on with her. No need for her to act like that so I won't try to tolerate her anymore.

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I hardly watch Q anymore but I did like Albany when I watched more. Is it possible she was joking? (A lot of hosts joke and people take it the wrong way). As far as Isaac, (no offense to him personally) but I refuse to buy his clothing. He used to be at Target and just because he moved on to QVC that does not warrant Q charging an arm and a leg for his line of clorhing (IMO).

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I just don't enjoy her as a host.  She thinks she is a comedian (which she is not) -- and her laugh really is like fingernails on a chalkboard.   She's just not a very good host, in my opinion.

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I thought negative threads about hosts weren't allowed?


Like many of you, I can only take so much of her.  Sometimes she's hilarious, but other times I think she enjoys being the center of attention and tries to make it all about her with her little jokes which are loaded with sexual innuendo many times.

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Albany "oh my stars and garters"Irvin?  No thank you. I don't like her on- air persona.

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Not my fave, I change the channel...