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@LuckyDuck wrote:

I live in TN and last year seemed to be the worst for stink bugs.  There were so many more and they seemed to stay a lot longer (almost all year).  I finally set out small open containers of water and Dawn in front of the TV and that worked best.  I think the light of the TV when it is on draws them.   A couple months later and they are back.  My containers of water and Dawn are back in front of the TV.

@LuckyDuck   If you have that many INSIDE your home, you have an infestation.  You need to cover every nook & crany that leads inside & outside your home and/or call a professional.

During the "cooler" months, stink bugs sort of hibernates (slow crawls around the walls or bumps into things while flying) inside homes for warmth.

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@SPURTThanks for those photos Smiley Mad 

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We have been bothered with stink bugs in NW NJ since 2008 and every year,  in Sept. here they come, on and inside the house.  This year we can add an abundance of Spotted Lanternflies, only difference is they don't stink when killed.  Actually when their wings are opened, not ugly either.  They are not great flyers but they do hop.  Can't imagine what will be next.

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I also have used peppermint oil to get rid of them. It works well for stink bugs, ants and mice too. And it's non toxic to pets.

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I think you only have stink bugs where there are trees.  If you don't have trees in your yard, then you won't get stink bugs. We live in the woods and get stink bugs.  My son lives near us and doesn't have any trees in his yard and he gets no stink bugs.