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I would have to measure the bottom height of this cup and also measure the depth of my automobile cup holder.  This one looks very slim and tall at the base.


But, whatever works for others, great!


No harm done.

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It's a generational thing, with the media and gen xyz's and millennials discovering things that have been around. My grampa, dad and husband all used Stanley thermos and lunch boxes for work. It was sturdy for working people back then that needed to keep their coffee or soup hot.  I like my mug and tumbler bc it keeps my orange juice cold over night and keeps hot n cold for long rides and doing errands around town. Another one is the Clinique lipstick black honey, which we wore back in the day. Lol

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@Carmie wrote:

I certainly don't want or need another tumbler.  Every year I donate unused tumblers that seem to keep multiplying.


People keep giving us tumblers and insulated coffee mugs as gifts.


I don't understand the draw of these Stanley tumblers.  They don't look so special to me.  Must be something an influencer started.

The draw started because someone posted a picture of their Stanley cup surviving a car fire. It came out of the fire with ice still in it. 

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Stanley must be an old U.S. manufacturing compay.  My dad had a Stanley thermos and we had one when first married.  Now it's made in China.  We have Yetis now and don't use them much.  Cabbage Patch dolls,  talking Elmo, then and now.  

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my favorite tumbler brand is OWALA (prior to that it was HYDROFLASKS.)

my OWALA is a free sip style (sip and chug) can use the straw, it has a sealing lid so nothing leaks out, or you can drink/chug from the same top. it keeps drinks cold for well over 24 hours and often 48 hours there will still be some ice in the tumbler. i keep one next to my bed every night and i use them in the car, on the beach, and during the day.


there are facebook groups where people will pay good money for certain color combinations.....used and new. there are also alerts as to when new combos are being released. they also do trading.


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My 10 year-old granddaughter wanted one for her birthdaylast month; we got the rose gold one and ordered the strawtoppers...hello kitty, etc. Have read nothing about lead content but will look it up again right now. Have had no problem finding them anywhere here; the sporting goods stores have hundreds of them.

I prefer my Yeti.

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No Stanleys for our family and we all use this type of mug constantly. We do own 4 Years but we usually prefer Green Steel ( the Beast). DH and both sons have 40 oz size while I prefer 20 oz size and we travel with a 10 oz size to store my coffee cream in. There are many brands out there that do just as well as Yeti or Stanley.  We own a huge WM Trail ways that is about 1/4 the cost of a similar sized Yeti and we use Yeti ice in it and successfully transport Hagen Daas ice cream bars from Summer time Phoenix back to our mountain home (4-5 hrs) and they are hard as a rock.

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I want to thank everyone for all the names I have been called just because I was so dumb for buying the larger Stanley cups!  People are having fun with them which the majority on here don't seem to approve of.  I read about one woman that bought them in multiple colors to match her outfits every day.  She's having fun.


I have a couple of colors and enjoy switching them.  If you like something and it fits in your budget, enjoy it.  I will never criticize anyone for what they spend their money on and enjoy.  My granddaughter takes hers to school every day.  


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The small base that fits in a car cup holder was the reason I didn't opt for one with that design. I use mine exclusively in the house (well, apartment) and those seem too top-heavy and easily knocked over to me. There's no chance my 50 oz. tumbler/mug fits in any car cup holder, but I haven't knocked it over or even come close to knocking it over.


The lead in the base of the Stanley tumblers is likely there to add stability due to the top-heavy design of those tumblers. I suspect most with that type of design use lead in the base to make them more stable. Anything that's wider at the top and narrower at the bottom is inherently unstable. Redistributing weight to the bottom with a chunk of lead improves the stability. My 50 oz Simple Modern tumbler/mug is just a cylinder with a base as wide as the top. You have to work to knock it over.

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@conlt ..............I  did not insult anybody, I was  purely making a joke for a little laugh at the Stanley craze.  Anyone can buy or do whatever they want (as long as its within the law) and it does not bother me one bit.  I am one of the least judgemental people you will ever meet.  


I guess my dry, quirky sense of humor comes off (especially on written posts) as insulting and judgemental and for that I am truly sorry.  I will be more careful in the future.