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@mspatmac ...........I am truly sorry that my post insulted you.  I was poking fun at the craze, hence the pet rock.

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I needed to drink more water. Friend prefers this and gifted me one.I have very small hands and difficult for me to hold.


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@Imaoldhippie Please don't feel offended, I was not directing my comments to anyone in particular. I appreciate the apology. I just think the world needs to be more kind, accepting. I guess in my line of work I see so many people suffer from illness and disability, I am sensitive to people's needs and as a home care nurse, I see how people live and struggle in the home. 


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@mrshckynut wrote:



those that do not follow the National Hockey League probably aren't aware,  that for us that do,    it is called the stanley cup     this is very highest award that can be won in the world of ice hockey  Stanley named it " Cup", not tumbler, for that specific reason   collectors item



lol...this is so true.  A few years ago before the craze hit my daughter told me she picked me up a Stanley Cup...I thought wth!!  A Stanley Cup?  Like were you at a game and bought a little trinket or what?  

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@patbz wrote:

No Stanleys for our family and we all use this type of mug constantly. We do own 4 Years but we usually prefer Green Steel ( the Beast). DH and both sons have 40 oz size while I prefer 20 oz size and we travel with a 10 oz size to store my coffee cream in. There are many brands out there that do just as well as Yeti or Stanley.  We own a huge WM Trail ways that is about 1/4 the cost of a similar sized Yeti and we use Yeti ice in it and successfully transport Hagen Daas ice cream bars from Summer time Phoenix back to our mountain home (4-5 hrs) and they are hard as a rock.

No judgment here, @mspatmac , I have three of various sizes sittiing in my house.  Have for some time, well before the craze hit.   The 40-oz'er sits in the house for me to keep track of water consumption; had one for my husband for that purpose.  And then a car sized.   Love mine.  


If you have a granddaughter who has one you have a daughter or daughter-in-law I assume who probably introduced you to them?  That is how I started...if it weren't for DD I never would have known about them which I think is the issue here, people only know and judge based on what they read about people fighting over them.   


In the words of Taylor Swift, Haters gonna hate...🤣



They used to be sitting on the shelves at Target, ******'s Sporting Goods everywhere...not a hot commodity.  Like everything, once social media gets a hold of something it goes wild.  



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I have an old green Stanley thermos. it has served me well for over 40 years! My travel cup is by Simple Modern. In tests, it actually out performed the Stanley version. My SM cup actually fits in my car cup holders. The Stanley does not.

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