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The bottom part looks too tall......could it tip over when placed on a table, in the fridge, or even in it's car holder. ?

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I certainly don't want or need another tumbler.  Every year I donate unused tumblers that seem to keep multiplying.


People keep giving us tumblers and insulated coffee mugs as gifts.


I don't understand the draw of these Stanley tumblers.  They don't look so special to me.  Must be something an influencer started.

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One more thing to end up in a landfill once the craze is over. 

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i like mine.  I used it when I travel and refill in the airports and hotel rooms.  I also like that it fits in my car holder.  Very convenient!

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There are a million imitators you can buy for much less. I have a 50-ounce Simple Modern mug that I love. Ice stays in that mug for a full day or longer. It's impressive. 

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I have a Yeti Cup and a Stanley Cup, as well as a Yeti Cooler. I am a home health nurse and I carry water and food with me everyday in my car. I have these items for work, not vanity. I live and work in Florida and in the summer, I need heavy duty items that will take the heat. 

I like all of my items, but the Stanley Cup keeps the ice longer than the Yeti. I also like the big handle. The Stanley is easier to carry. I fill my cup in the AM and keep water in the cooler to refill my cup during the day. I also pack lunch and snacks. 

This way, I don't have to pay high prices at a store or take-out for drinks and food. 

I am happy to have these items, and just so you know the Stanley Cup and the Yeti Cup fit in the car cup holder. 

I purchased my Stanley Cup from Stanley, not in a mob scene. Many of my co-workers also have the cups. We work in brutal heat and it is nice to have ice water to drink. 

When filled with ice, the Stanley Cup holds just over a 16.9 oz bottle of water. 

Many of us use Yeti or Stanley in this area of the country. 

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We were at my daughters house last week, and I noticed a few of them there, never seen them before or heard of them. 

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I have a number of Yeti's of that same type. I have 16 oz. without the handle, and 20 and 35 oz. with the handles.  My husband has them too and we use them every day and they keep things very cold.


I sort of switched from Takeya bottles to these. Plus a few Zojirushi ones.  This all goes back to working life when we carried them with us.

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My daughter in law told me about them she could not understand the big deal about them.  I bought a stanley water bottle a few years ago in the standard stanley green.  It does not have a straw it flips up and down to use.  Stanley use to only have the green.  I bought one because I drink hot water (yes I know it's weird) but it keeps my water warm all day and it was only 20 dollars.  I would not pay 50.00.  I know on youtube it is like Stanley is a new thing.  I remember going on road trips years and years ago lol and we had a stanley thermos and stanley coffe cups that kept the coffee hot for hours.

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Stanley has drinking vessels in all different sizes and shapes.  I gifted my family them for Christmas from beer and wine glasses to the 40 oz tumbler.  They are great for keeping things cold and are used daily. Wine stays cool and beer is always refreshing (so my family tells me)


I am a diet coke drinker and my Stanley is perfect all day.  I have a couple and they fit perfectly in my car cup holder.  For those not familiar with all Stanley has to offer, I suggest you peruse their website, they are not a one trick pony. 


I don't drink coffee so no coffee mug for me.