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My son went to Amsterdam with several friends last week. Apparently they all smoked pot, which is legal there. After a few days, my sons girlfriend called me and said my son was not acting like himself, saying all crazy things and acting very parinoid. I became very worried, and sent my husband over there to get him. He came back yesterday, and he seems better, but not 100 percent.

He is talking very fast and is very paranoid. From what I know about pot, it give you the opposite effect. I know he has probably smoked pot in the past, and all they do is get very mellow from it.

He is also coughing up flem, and we think it could be pneumonia, which sometimes causing that kind of behavior in young adults.

Such a mystery, because none of the other kids had any effect. We dont know if the pot was laced with anything.

We have a doctors appt. at 5pm today, and I need to get to the bottom of it. I am very worried.