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Why  did  they only offer the 'skinnytees in OS  and not offer it to the plus sizes?   They do on a daily basis, but not on TSV.     They are losing alot of money by just offering it to the smaller sizes.    Also, when they offer earrings for pierced ears only for TSV.    They need to be more inclusive.

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They say one size fits all... they stretch like crazy. 

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I would have been thrilled to buy multiple sets if the plus size was available. A work colleague who is about my size wears the regular one size fits most, and they look horrid on her. Way too tight with all rolls showing. We are both a size 14-16. 

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I agree-were is the plus size.  I wear a ex-large in QVC sizing but because of my build I have to wear a plus in skinnytees. I would have gotten several of the sets if in a plus.   

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I agree.  I wear a medium or large, depending on the style but I need a plus size in skinny tees.  I would have bought two sets.  In the video, Coleen, who is thin, was covering her mid section because the tee was so snug.

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If the size already exists at the q, it should be included in TSVs.  Seems odd it's not, since its been done before.

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I don't think they would look very good on me...even if they offered larger sizes....too tight looking. If  I ordered one larger.... it would be looser in the waist area...but I am sure it would be too big on top.

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Here's my skinnytee story (and I'm sticking to it lol)...


I bought the white (single) tank and really liked it...surprise surprise it stayed put and a o-s missy fit perfectly (as an under garment...I would never wear these without something covering).


So I feel confident and brave and I order the 2-fer o-s missy first checking to make sure the fabric content is the same and it is...surprise surprise the black one (the one I wanted) rode up.


Feeling less confident and having that nagging suspicion in the back of my mind (you know what I mean LOL), I order the 3/4 sleeve.  Same fabric content.  Surprise surprise the fabric is heavier, scratchier, and it rode up.  Not only that, I ordered the 1 plus size due to reviews and it was very tight...much tighter than the 1st white o-s missy tank.


The question I asked myself was, "why do I think the next thing I order from the Q will be the exception to their inconsistent sizes and grades of fabric?"  I feel soooooo stoooooopid.



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I LOVE Skinnytees and I am not a skinny-minnie by a long shot.  They are not meant to fit like a tank top or t-shirt, or even like a camisole.  If you see someone wearing one that shows all their rolls and bumps, it's because they are wearing it for the wrong fashion reason.  Even if you are a size 4, you will see back flab (and sometimes a little waist roll) because these are meant to be the equivalent of skin-tight leggings.  Very close fit to the body, so they are best as a layering item. Carolyn Gracie has layered two on today, under her cardigan.  Perfect. That's exactly how I wear mine, or like Jackie the model had on, with short jacket over it.  In the spring I love them under my thin tunics or lower cut tops.  I cannot imagine seeing anyone wear one on its own with nothing over top (perhaps very thin under- 25-year-olds aside).

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One size does NOT fit all in these. That is just impossible especially with this kind of garment.  Some women are small enough that they would be able to get away with just wearing one of these as a tank top.  Jennifer Coffey posted a photo of herself once before in a skinnytee and pair of yoga pants. She looked great.


The last time they had a skinnytee TSV and offered a plus size version, a few of the larger hosts even commented that they were excited about the plus size version because they couldn't wear the previous O-S version.  And these are hosts who have said they are a size large when presenting fashion shows.


Regardless, I don't want any garment that is so tight it shows all lumps, bumps and bulges.  Unless you have a large, flowy top over it, or something super thick and heavy, those exaggerated lumps are going to show through whatever top you have on over the skinnytee.