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Absolutely.  I never pay the renewal charge.


I call and tell them I want to cancel my service because of the price. They transfer me to "that department" and that rep. is able to get me a much better deal.


The last time I still wasn't happy with their lowered price so I did in fact cancel.  About a month later, I received something in the mail offering me 6 months for $30.00 to get me back and there was no start-up fee. 


I don't have the top tier premium service in my car.  I have what they called family friendly or something along those lines so I cannot get the comedy channels with R rated material, no Howard Stern, no Playboy channels, etc.  All of that is fine with me.

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Yes, my husband gets deals when he says he wants to cancel then he renews it. lol. We have it in the car. I cant stand regular radio anymore, too much talking and ads. So we will always Sirius..

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Thank you for your posts and suggestions. Saved me from debate to cancel. I can now keep with reasonable rate.
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Call & cancel. Tell them it’s too expensive & you have music on your cell phone (pandora, Spotify, etc) so you don’t really need it anymore. They will offer a better rate. Then make sure you write down when the new service period ends because it will automatically renew at current rates. Then a few days before the expiration I call to cancel again. If you don’t call before the new term they prorate it so I always call a few days prior.

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@Tyak.....just cancel for a month or so.....then call and resubscribe.

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@Tyak wrote:

Has anyone gotten deals from them when their  bill for renewal came and it was way higher than last years.  I refuse to pay double what we paid this past year. 

(This year we paid $110 and now they want $228.)  

We've heard they'll come through and offer lower rates when you don't renew but so far we've heard nothing from them.

I just got 2 weeks free with 6 months for $30.00. If you wait a few weeks the deals keep coming to your mailbox.

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We got it for a year for $99.00.  Talked to them last week.

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We paid for a lifetime membership which I believe they no long offer.  It was $500.  We can transfer it up to three times in auto installed devices.

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Does the OP have Sirius radio and travel link?? Travel link is usually is expensive. Music only being in the $200's?? Unbelieveable. 

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We have had satellite radio in our cars and our home since way back when it first started out as XM radio. My DH calls them every year and negiotiates. We used to have more vehicles and had it in each one - now we only have 1 vehicle. We also used to have it in our camper, but now no longer have the camper.It has been very difficult to get them to understand that we have cancelled because we don't own the vehicle or the camper anymore, and now we only need it for one car & one house.