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Re: Russian Orthodox Christmas

@blackhole99 wrote:

When I was a kid in the 50's, the town where I grew up had a catholic church of some sort on every corner. We went to the Polish Catholic church, my Mother and her family went to the German Catholic church on the other end of the corner. There was a Catholic church a few blocks away where all the Irish and Italian  folks went and a few blocks up the street was the Slovak/Lithuanian church and then we had the Russian Orthodox Church. The Russians made the best pierogies and Easter bread.

@blackhole99 My hometown was very similar.  My hometown and the neighboring town were very similar and each had about 1800 residents.  Each town had a Russian Orthodox church.  The other town also had a Catholic church that my family referred to as the "Polish church" while my town had a Catholic Church that was mostly Irish people.  My town also had a Presbyterian and Methodist church, but I don't think I every knew anyone who ever went to either of those churches.  There were so many Russian Orthodox residents that we always had Russian Christmas off from school when growing up.  I haven't been back to visit in about 6 years, but I think it's still the same.