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@luvnlife wrote:

Glad nothing was missing( but your Kleenex). Sometimes situations like these are eye opening and hopefully you will adjust your habits to some new safer ones. It's a shame we have to be so untrusting with everything nowadays.

Nice comment.

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@151949 wrote:

AMAZING that people here turned this around to all be my fault. Totally amazing.

Anytime you leave your things available it does become your fault, at least partially, if they are bothered or stolen.


What isn't 'ours' should be off limits. In a perfect world, we should be able to leave our cars unlocked, our homes unlocked, our valuables spread out all over the front lawn, our purse unattended, and no one would ever touch them. 


But that is not the real world. In the real world, if we don't lock our stuff up, keep our things under our control, we are contributing to them getting taken.


It isn't right, but it is the way it is.

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@Plaid Pants2 wrote:

So, did her purse look like yours?


And yes, she should have appologised.


It's kinda like, when you are out shopping, and you go to your car, and try to get in, only to find that it isn't your car!


That has happened to me. 


It was embarrassing, but fortunatly, the owner of the mistaken car wasn't around.


If they had been, I would have said, "Ooops! Sorry!"

@Plaid Pants2 that happened to me too, a number of years ago.  I returned to the parking lot, found my old blue car with the paint peeling off, opened the door with my key, put the key in the ignition and turned on the car.  The radio station was wrong.  I then noticed (I am not the most observant person on the planet) a large bucket of spackle on the floor of the passenger side and thought, I don't remember that being there.  It dawned on me I was in the wrong car and jumped out as if it were on fire.  I found my car several rows away.

Do the math.
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@151949 wrote:

This was a woman I would estimate to be in her early 40s.I've seen her at church.

Even 40 year old church going women can be thieves.  

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@dancingwoman wrote:

Maybe she didn't have a purse like that...and was just trying to see if anyone would notice she had gotten into it before she walked away with never know about people anymore...DW



That was my first reaction. She might have been calculating whether the owner would notice if she walked off with it.

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Wow.......I do have a feeling this person may have been "testing the waters" but you will never know for sure.  I also once got in a car that wasnt mine by mistake and left like I was on fire once I discovered my error. LOL Hard to say what this persons motivation was and awkward that she may go to your church?. Cleptomania (spelling?) is a compulsive behavior and irresitable to those who suffer from this strange disorder. Thieves, cleptos, etc come in all forms of society and not just in bad areas.Just am happy you didnt have to suffer the consequences of a stolen purse with all its contents which would have been much worse and time consuming.. Similarly I do know some insurance agencies that will not cover a stolen car if the door was proven to be left unlocked and owner found responsible for leaving open to thievery.. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I do not read that anyone is trying to place shame and blame on you but have seen some good advice for the future. We all have some part in taking personal responsibility and keeping ourselves and possessions safe. Some have a more direct way of saying things (personal responsibility etc) on these forums and it can be taken many ways to the receiver I thinks Smiley Happy  I have learned not to post some personal things on these forums if one does not have thick skin and an open mind as it is like throwing poo against a fan and one takes the chance of inviting whatever comes back in return (smiles and laughs and winks)  As a once homeless orphan I want to thank you for your volunteering at the food bank. (Long time ago it saved me from starvation) We need more volunteers like you. Have a great night.

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@scotnovel wrote:

@151949 wrote:

This was a woman I would estimate to be in her early 40s.I've seen her at church.

Even 40 year old church going women can be thieves.  



This reminds me of something that happened to me.  We were invited to a church potluck at the church of friends.  I took a huge salad in a big yellow Tupperware bowl.  At the end of the event, we went back to the table and my bowl was no longer there, but there was a really beat up old duplicate.  Someone took mine and left theirs in exchange.


My friend put a notice in the church bulletin but no one stepped up.  And btw, my name was on the bottom of my bowl, printed in bright nail polish.

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no fault.  don't leave a purse lying around.  that's common sense.  I'm sure that would be the advice the OP would give if the shoes was on the other foot.  crossbody would be the way to go. 

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@151949 Next time I would leave the handbag in your car.


No handbag-No temptation

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She doesn't seem rude as she does someone with "memory issues".


Then again, she could be one of those people who never, ever will admit to error. In that case, she IS rude!