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It's nice to have some happy news. If anyone looked  like they adore one another it is this couple. She barely takes her eyes off him, and the was she looks at him, when they are together ,makes me feel it is going to be a happy marriage for them both.


I do hope  she finds a few pretty colors to enhance her wardrobe. She looks so pretty in cream, and  in red, that  I am looking forward to seeing her in   lots of new looks and colors. I think the royals always wear  brigh,t happy colors ,so they can be seen more easily ,by their subjects...after that dreadful Wallace person, it's nice to have someone  I am proud of, joining the family

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I’m ready!  I’ve got my Meghan and Harry dish towels, LOL. Already on display in our kitchen. 







Why is it, when I have a 50/50 guess at something, I'm always 100% wrong?
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Re: Royal Wedding

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I'm really not that interested in this wedding, really not a fan of Harry's, disagreed with him on many of his comments on various subjects, he just doesn't come off as a "Royal", like his brother, JMHO!

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at this  point i almost expect the bride to show up in a Pnina Tornia with her signature seethru bodice...........Americaized by a shark-bite hem....urggh