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On 5/12/2014 MomOf4 said:
On 5/12/2014 azterry! said:

what network, please?

I would like to try to catch it On Demand.


It's on NBC Terry.


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Well, this will save me the trouble of watching it. Jason Isaacs is a great actor though.....

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It's worth 'a watch', IMO. 'See for yourself'...........

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One of the actors from Suits was on it so I tried watching...lasted 20 minutes.
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Momof4, I think I might have misunderstood your earlier reply to me. Did you like what you saw overall (aside from the "gore")? I'll still check out what I DVRed, but I'm just curious if you liked it or not. TIA

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we watched it for the first hour. after you've seen the original and the tv show park avenue 666 you get the idea.

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Can't imagine anyone else in John Cassavetes' role. I'll probably pass on both episodes.

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I saw it, and will watch part II, but I thought it was ridiculous. The graphic gore is gratuitous and, apparently, obligatory in today's world of Saw and Teens-In-A-Cabin{#emotions_dlg.crying} movies. It's nothing like the original movie which, BTW, was extremely faithful to the novel.

The film was big on ambiguity and implied goings-on, though adults knew what was happening. It worked.

All this movie is missing is 1) revealing what the baby looks like instead of leaving it to the viewers' imagination and, 2) a tacky cameo by that little gnome Polanski (which Polanski wanted to do, and which was nixed by the PTB--they must've known the miniseries was bad enough).

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On 5/12/2014 sidsmom said:
On 5/12/2014 JMFINLEY001 said:

Plus the original was sooo good and perfectly cast that I think making this sequel was a big mistake!!!!!

Hollywood's running out of ideas. Zoe is too Se-y....Mia was a perfect blend of weird quirky & innocence. NO ONE can recreate that.

I don't think TV is Hollywood.

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On 5/12/2014 Ford1224 said:

I hate weird devil things that include babies and children.

So do I. Not interested in movies/shows etc. about the spawn of satan.