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Their elder son turned two years old.


I just wanted to post this recent picture of Rihanna and her family.  I think her children are adorable.

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I love it.


What a beautiful family!

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Absolutely adorable.  

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They look so happy! 

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Beautiful family!  I'd never seen the new baby!  Thank you for sharing this with us.😃❤️

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Lovely family 

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So cute!!

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Yeah, isn't her husband adorable.  He was charged with 2 counts of shooting his former friend with a semi-automatic weapon.  He was also jailed in Sweden for assaulting a guy there.  

She likes the bad boys.

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@lgfan She seems so happy in her life being a mom when you see her being interviewed.   Good for her,  motherhood suits her!

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The children are lovely and Rihanna looks beautiful.