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Re: Retirement of Jill Bauer

Jill is a class act. She educated you about the product she was selling; I never made a disappointing purchase from Jill. I knew what I was getting. Can't believe it's been 26 years - I remember when she was the newbie.  Dressed like a school and full of herself but she still had solid skills; maybe there's hope for a few.  

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Re: Retirement of Jill Bauer

New hosts are paired with a seasoned host mentor.  Many have mentioned that on their Facebook and Instagram.


For examply, Kerstin is mentor to Courtney Webb (makes sense with the fitness connection) as well as Kristine Zell.  Most large businesses have these mentor/mentee relationships.

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Re: Retirement of Jill Bauer

QVC is like all other businesses....the longer term you are the higher your salary. It's just a business who thinks by getting rid of "seasoned" employees they can save money with a young hire. QVC just does a better job making you think they are a "family." In the end - business is business.

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Re: Retirement of Jill Bauer

Wishing Jill,


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Re: Retirement of Jill Bauer

I don't watch QVC much any more so don't know who's who of the new hosts - just know I don't like the hard sell so have tuned out. 


Jill has always been one of my favorites.  She was calm and well prepared.  Very descriptive and made her presentations interesting.   I'll really miss her and You're Home With Jill. 


Enjoy your retirement, Jill!  You've earned it.

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Re: Retirement of Jill Bauer

@Bri369 wrote:

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@Bri369 wrote:

I just don't see younger people watching QVC.


They've annoyed a lot of their long-time viewers with these hosts who are not properly trained and are so annoying...

The older customers are not going to live forever and many are long gone so the numbers are dwindling.  

There will always be older people watching.


I do see a time when they will stop with live presentations though.  

Sure there will always be older people watching and those older people were once the younger customers.   I was 40 when I started shopping here and most were in the 60 and up age group buying dolls, jewelry and home decorating things.  I'm sure many of them are long gone by now.  No one lives forever!  I know many who are way younger than I was when I started shopping here (started because of the things I bought here they liked) so yes I would say many younger shop here.  Staying with what worked way back will close down any business!!  Very few could survive without changing with the times!!

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Re: Retirement of Jill Bauer

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People don't work forever and yes, we'll see more QVC retirements in the next few years.  I've watched QVC since 1990, so I've seen it evolve to what it is today.  Yes, it was good entertainment back then with hosts and vendors who really knew how to hold an audience's attention for single and multiple products.  However, the world has changed and certainly home shopping has changed.  A younger generation of hosts and management has come in and they are trying to appeal to a different audience.  The competition is great and thus, the focus seems to be on the hard sell.  I myself rarely watch QVC shows anymore because my lifestyle has changed since I retired and I don't need as many things.  


Twenty six years is a long time, so Jill's decision to retire doesn't seem that unusual.  She's still young enough to do other things whether it is spending more time with her family or taking a different job.  Good for her that she has done so well and can now have a life she wants.  I remember her very early days at QVC and how young she was.  We've watched her mature, get married, have a child, go through sadness because of personal losses and shared her proud moments of being a mom, daughter and wife.  


It is the end of an era for sure, but life is ever changing.  We'll all move on and be okay.  

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Re: Retirement of Jill Bauer

I think The Q is going through a "generation gap" challenge...........

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Re: Retirement of Jill Bauer

It's obviously the new hard line, which personally, as a customer for 30 years I feel like I am at a car dealership trying to buy a car, that is how obnoxious I feel the "newer hosts" are, like car salesman

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Re: Retirement of Jill Bauer

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I don't care to watch many of the "old guards"  It's their unpleasant voice, or they don't let the vendor/guest speak. Some of the hosts I liked in the past, I don't care to watch them anymore. My favorites at the moment are Leah, and Mary D. (also Cathy P. who left)

I listen to others as well, that I enjoy. (but only a few)

I wish JB, a happy retirement from the Q.