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any kind of change is scary for me. 

i just wanted to wish you the best of luck!

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I like not having the workplace stress with employees, procedures, responsibility, evaluations.  and incompetence in the workplace.  It is heaven not to have to get up and get going and fight the time and elements being weather or traffic. I can run to the store when I feel like it not having to wait until off of work. I also am more relaxed. The first couple of months I napped and slept but now am on more of a good  natural sleep schedule.


There are so many opportunities  to volunteer on your  time frame and interests. I started walking 10,000 steps a day when possible. I take a yoga class once a week. I got involved in church community charity work. I take a major trip once a year. I work on the house and sort stuff when I feel like it. I enjoy nature in my yard as home to see and notice the seasonal changes. If the weather is nasty I don't have to go out. I actually cook more as have time and plan better meals.


I worked 50 years and whenever  you retire ,I think one has to be ready. Doing a part time job was a good dip in the water to see. I enjoyed working but now enjoy retirement and hope my health holds out along finances. It all seems to work out. I live alone but that has become ok too. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. It will be a year for me in Jan. To have this freedom is priceless. The years go by so fast.  You will be fine.

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@Pook wrote:

@CalminHeart  I retired 100% 7 years ago and I enjoy every second of not having to be somewhere at a certain time.  My time is my own and aside from a few things I don't have to do a single thing.  I spent my whole life being scheduled for things I committed to and it is so freeing not to have to be somewhere for work or other things.  I don't want or need classes where I have to show up at a certain time regularly or where someone is depending on me.  I often thought about volunteering at different places but that is the same as having a job!!   If I choose to go anywhere I can and do but never want to have to again!  I'm never bored and so much more relaxed.  I know there are some who need more structure and don't mind having specific obligations.  I would have stayed at my good paying job if I felt that way.  Try it and if you feel you need more from life than get another job or volunteer or take classes.  You are finally your own true boss! 

This describes my retirement to a T. I retired full-time 8 years ago after working for the Federal government for 30 years. While I knew retirement was right for me, I hadn’t had a break in employment (except for vacations) in 30 years, so I wondered if I’d get bored. NOT A PROBLEM! In addition to making new friends at our pool, I get together with old friends for lunch or other activities. I have plenty of time to read and enjoy other activities, as well as rest when I’m tired. It sounds like you’ve eased your way into full retirement with your part-time job. Now just kick back and focus on yourself. You’ve earned it!

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@CalminHeart  Ahh, retirement not once but twice. Here's what I'm saying, serve the letter, hug a few fellow staffers and say solong, farewell.


Never again look back!


You'll do fine, enjoy all your time now to travel, visit family, do some volunteering. Just enjoy!

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My dh is 78, still working...we are self employed.  Last year, late fall we almost sold our business but decided not to.....we are so connected to our work that we are very afraid of not having a daily routine, and honestly to much 'together' time.


DH has worked all his life, starting around 10 years hobbies and a couple of his friends have passed away.  We could retire and be ok financially (wish the stock market would settle down)'s the emotional part that scares us.


To the OP if you feel you are ready do it, do it....if you find your self bored, you can always go back to work.

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It's nice that you have that option.

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One thing I've learned whether working or not is to feel needed, to feel like I am bringing help and love to my family and friends. 

That and like others have said, to be able to do what you want when you want and to do things you have time to enjoy; to explore new things if and when you feel like it.


I had at first tried volunteering many different places. I was glad for the experience but as @Pook said, it was like work.

I felt even more obligated to be there when we agreed (nursing home once a week a certain day).

And some places that I thought would be rewarding or wonderful were not what I had expected or hoped-

 a wild bird rescue-didn't get to feed the babies, had to clean out large cages;

a store that helped the homeless and low income in the community had no chairs to sit at while we sorted clothing. All these jobs were physically hard and thats one reason I stopped working!

I think when there is any huge life change, we have a kind of culture shock. You probably will after so many working years. Just know you will maybe feel disoriented and like what the heck do I do and where is everyone? 

But then the joy of having your own new life, doing what you want whenever you want to!

And remember there are lots of people in the same situation. There are new friends to make if you want, and time to be friends with yourself!


"If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew. Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains? can you paint with all the colors of the wind?"
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@Janey2 wrote:

Continue working. Working and getting out keeps you relevant. You are not working that many hours that you do not have time for yourself. Having a purpose keeps you young. All the above mentioned things to do are time fillers. You have a purpose why give that up? Yes it is nice to do what you what when you want, even that gets old very fast. Of course this is just how I look at things.

I agree.  I did what you did OP initially after I retired. About two years ago I cut back to about 10 hrs a week.  I like working.  Volunteering isn’t the same.  

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Retirement is different for everyone.  I have been retired from full time work for a little over 2 years.  I am still not sure that this is for me!  I still work a little part time, and volunteer a few mornings a week, but I do not find the camaraderie and purpose that I had while working. 


When people say how wonderful retirement is, I just don't see it.  My husband is still working by choice.  I have many lonely hours, even though I have friends and family very close by. Shopping?  I am trying to get rid of stuff.  Meeting friends for lunch?  Maybe once or twice a month.  I guess that I need to keep looking for what I need to fill the void.

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@Pooki feel exactly as you do.I hate to be scheduled for anything now..kind of like how I felt about having a bedtime when I was a kid.It took me about 30 years to get over that and realize that sleep wasn’t a punishment.