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My Retail Therapy is a visit to Costco every 4 to 5 weeks. I enjoy walking around that big store (good exercise) - and pushing that heavy cart. I always find great products at low prices. Last week I bought a large bag of pirogis - which I just ate for dinner. A large bag of mini-chicken wontons; Dark Sweet Cherries; Box of Chicken Teriyaki.  Cases of sweet corn, black beans, garbanzo beans, various fresh juices, and several types of breads. And - saving money with their coupons and products on sale - makes it more enjoyable!!!!

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Boy do I miss my Marshalls, Maxx and Home Goods stores.  I did retail therapy there at least 2xs per month.  When I moved to northern AZ these stores weren't available.  Now living in Anchorage, AK and sadly, not here as well.  Living here has been quite the adjustment, you certainly feel removed from it all and can feel the distance from the lower 48.  Hopefully, will move back in a couple of years.😢

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Love this thread! I have an appointment every 3 weeks around 6:00 at Cosmetics Market . To me, shopping is a way to show my creativity lol. Don't you just love it when you find something special and everyone at work compliments you? I also love the challenge of finding something at a good price.
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You can now order from Maxx online, where sometimes there's a cool deal. 8)

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Hi!  Shopping is a way of showing creativity...matching up clothing, household stuff, etc.  Thanks for info on online shopping with Maxx.

im gonna check it out in a few minutes.  I heard that a Marshalls or Maxx is coming into a new shopping center they're building closeby:-D  Til' then, I'll have to make do with the mall stores.  The prices in Anchorage are higher on everything...we have Burlington and I'm not impressed...Nordstroms Rack opened last winter but I haven't been yet.  I bet by the time the mall is finished being built and the stores are open for business, I'll be moving again!😕