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@hckynut  Need you for my mentor. You are a bigger person than I in so many ways. 

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You may be underestimating yourself about who you are in those regards. The OP question said "Know Of, not KNOW". If I "know" people and they disrespect others while I am present, I will certainly let them know how I feel when it is just myself and that person present. I don't believe, or practice calling out others with others present.


Too many use the word "disrespect" as a throw away word, and use it for many reasons other than it's real meaning. That is my honest opinion of that word's definition. A causal comment about something or someone, nowadays is seen as "disrespect" to some, while to me it is not even close.


I can think back a couple decades, and many more, where things that now "offend" someone nowadays, was nothing more than a "figure of speech". The PC world to me has gone to the far e extreme to me, and I don't consider myself as wanting to be a part of it.


Good manners and common sense conversations should not entail me from having to double think my choice of words when carrying on a conversations with anyone. That, to me, is where this PC world has taken way too many people. Thus the word "disrespect" has lost it's real meaning to me, and too often.


Thank you for your comment.





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@hckynut  I was raised to be seen and not heard. (Believe it or not!) My manners were impecable. Then, the rebellious '60's hit and I spread my wings politically. Fortunately, my mom didn't try to stifle my growth. Throughout the process (and yes I did rebell a lot), I remained well-mannered, but found my voice and realized everyone has the right to stand up for themselves. Taking debate was one of the best decisions ever; it taught me critical thinking.


Fast forward: Health issues forced me to go on Disability at age 51 (now 70). Seems since then, I've forgotten how to communicate kindly and fairly (at times).  Perhaps becoming a widow in 2005 and loosing my mom last year has contributed to that also. I no longer have the daily conversations with wise, intelligent people. Your posts have shown me the need to be gentler with some posters who aren't strong and independent personalities. You are, indeed, a good mentor for me . . . even if you don't know it!