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Remembering February 3, 1959

Known as "the day the music died" when a plane crash killed Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper, the greats of early rock and roll.


I remember it well.  It was a cold and rainy night in northern NJ and I was at my dad's pizza place.  Sad customers dropped by and put a coin in the jukebox and played one of their songs.  


Just a childhood memory worth commemorating which I have not forgotten.

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Re: Remembering February 3, 1959

I remember the day well.  For all of us who were young and loved rock and roll and the music of that era, it was a very sad day.  All three had hits and appeared on TV. Buddy Holly was truly talented and ahead of his time in the music world.  Even today there are musicians who honor his talent.  Sadly since then we have lost quite a few musicians from plane crashes.  But the day Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper and Buddy Holly died, it truly was sad for me , I was young and I believe that might have been the first tragedy of the music world that I was part of.  

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Re: Remembering February 3, 1959

It was before I was born but I have read about it.  

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Re: Remembering February 3, 1959

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There is a movie about the  death of Richie Valens, the Big Bopper and Buddy Holly that came out a number of years ago, La Bamba. And the song the Day the Music Died/ Miss American Pie speaks of this. It was a real tragedy.

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Re: Remembering February 3, 1959

@maisiebrook  I certainly remember that day, so sad.

What a tragic loss of life and talent.


 I was 11 years old and listened to the radio, whenever I was at home. My grandmother had bought my first record for me, a 45 by Richie Valens. The big hit on that record was La Bamba, but I got it for the flip side, Donna, because that is my name.


He was so young and most likely would have had a great music career, if he had lived.


The other singers that I liked and we so sadly lost in later years

were Ricky Nelson, Jim Croce and John Denver.


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Re: Remembering February 3, 1959

La Bamba. 1987

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Re: Remembering February 3, 1959

Although I've heard plenty about it, I don't remember anything about that day. I was busy being born, right around the time that the crash happened. 

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Re: Remembering February 3, 1959

I was in the school cafeteria lunch line when someone came up to us crying and told us about the crash. I could not comprehend what had happened. I remember feeling disoriented the remainder of the day.


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Re: Remembering February 3, 1959

A local radio station here is remembering this sad day. I think they said that the plane crashed within five minutes of taking off and Waylon Jennings gave his seat away to

Big Bopper. 

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Re: Remembering February 3, 1959

I was 5 yr old so I don't remember anything of that day.


But I can only imagine the pain of losing them because I know the devestation I felt the day Elvis died. 


Love watching The Buddy Holly Story and La Bamba.