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Remember Koos of Course (van den Akker) ~~ Happy & Healthy ~~

hi there and a good morning,

if anyone remembers him, Koos is a phenomenal designer, and his clothes sold out. then he disappeared and we didn't know what happened.

apparently he lost his partner of many years, but he is still in NY and does a lot of sewing his own clothes that he designs, as that he loves most. there was a long article in our foremost newspaper about him, too involved to go into but he stated clearly that he is well and happy, just has moved on. but that every morning he gets up at 6 to sew his own clothes with some four other seamstresses. he sold his business as he didn't like the selling part as much, but still this place is on Madison Avenue. obviously those clothes have designer prices and that seems to work for him.

for those who forgot, this is what he looks like...

/></p> <p>btw, i have quite a few of his silk blouses and skirts, all beautifully lined and (some) very traditional in style, that i can still wear and either wash myself or get drycleaned.  Hisd clothes were delivered of the highests standards, just great, and not much more expensive than S. Graver's clothes, amazing.</p> <p>I for one wish he'd come back to the Q., but that won't happen, as he is busy sewing...</p> <p>So our best wishes Koos and stay healthy and happy.</p> <p>Just thought if anyone wondered... here he is.</p> <p>magenta</p>