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I believe there are possibilities beyond our comprehension.... and certainly beyond anything that has been written.

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I Have Lived Before: The True Story of the Reincarnation of Shanti Devi by Sture Lonnerstrand and Leslie Kippen is a really interesting story if you're interested in the subject.



Shanti Devi was one of the first people I read about, maaany years ago.

yea, I read it years ago too. I have the paperback around here somewhere. It is an interesting book, specificially because her story seems to be the antithesis of what most western people assume about people who claim to be reincarnated and also the lengths that were went to try and test and confirm her story. 

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@LilacTree....I wasnt kidding.... I was a young woman in Europe....

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I don't see what belief has to do with it. It's either real or it's not. Belief is generally a word people use when they can't prove something that think is true. Belief isn't really in my vocabulary. Except when dealing with little kids who make up their own truth, even when evidence to the contrary is staring you in the face. IE the kid with crumbs all over their clothes that claims they didn't eat the cookies. 



Well, in the Western sense, spiritual "belief" is not a part of my life. On the forums, one has to tiptoe in certain discussions. I doubt that anyone with a belief in any of the Big Three organized religions would admit to feeling positive about, or believing in, reincarnation; it's part of Eastern religions, which are not given much credence by those Three.


I don't have "faith" (belief without "proof") that reincarnation is (positively) true; I believe it very well could be true.

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Re: Reincarnation

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No, I don't believe in reincarnation!


I do tend to agree with Carl Jung's philiosophical theory of the "collective unconscious."    There is also the idea of "infused knowledge."

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@game-on wrote:

@LilacTree....I wasnt kidding.... I was a young woman in Europe....


That's really interesting . . . how much do you remember, and does it interfere with your present life?


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@Noel7 wrote:

I've always been fascinated by reincarnation.  Does anyone here remember The Search For Bridey Murphy?


And then there was an American woman who remembered a past life in Ireland, details, details, went to Ireland and remembered the route to her old home and is said to have found her youngest child there, at that time quite elderly.



Bridey Murphy brought the concept of reincarnation to the US consciousness.


I have always been somewhat of a skeptic about many past life regressions, but in a "group" hypnosis regression let's just say I had very clear, very real flashes of a scene that surprised me, and in discussions like this I remember to this day how vivid it was.

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I totally believe in reincarnation (I wish I didn't but I do).  I have seen it explained too many times.


I've known people who have had things happen to them that cannot be explained.


Edgar Cayce is one of the most famous people to have written about this subject.  In Southern Va there is an entire museum devoted to him and this subject.


I've read many books by people who are respected in their field on the subject.


Either you believe or you don't.  It's OK to be a skeptic.

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FOR ANYONE INTERESTED: I found two references to the story I mentioned above, Jenny Cockell, whose supposed other self was born in 1897 in Ireland, some children (supposedly still living when she went to the old sod to look for her past life).


The reincarnation of Jenny Cockell

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What would make an elderly person speak an unrelated foreign language while in her sleep?  Maybe from a very distant ancestor/relative (DNA)?   It's always puzzled me.  

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