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Reconsidering "Ignorance is Bliss"

For most of my life I would laugh when I'd hear someone say this and always thought "Ignorance is Ignorance."

I've always been interested and somewhat aware of what was going on the world but the past few years....maybe since 911?... I've become a news junkie. My homepage on my computer is set to a news site so that every morning, with my coffee, I am bombarded with Crime, Floods, Mudslides, World Hunger, North and South Korea tension, Shady Politics, along with Paris Hilton's latest arrest, ad infinitum. I usually keep a news station on the TV in the background during the day in case anything happens that I need to know about. At night there are 2 news programs I never miss.

When I've brought up issues that concerned with me with friends and family I have been shocked on more than one occasion that they had no idea what I was talking about and totally clueless to many current events. Inside my head I was tsktsking and thinking what is this world coming to when people only think about themselves and their own lives?

Due to a violent crime that took place in my family a couple of years ago I also got obsessed with true crime shows. Seems every single night there is a new child that's missing or that has been murdered and discarded. I didn't realize how desensitized I'd become to hearing this stuff until I spent the night away at my son's house and while I was watching one of these shows my DIL got up and left the room. Later she told me that she couldn't bear to listen to it. The story was on Zahra Baker for those of you who follow the crime news.

It got me to thinking ....Do I really need to know about all the horrible things going on in the world? Especially when 99.99% of them I can do absolutely nothing about? Where do you draw the line between being informed and being obsessed? Is it okay NOT to know what's going on? I've realized that even when I wake up happy by the time I've finished my 2nd cup of coffee I'm overwhelmed. I think I might be depressed. lol

I'm at some kind of turning point and I'd really like to hear what you women have to say about it. Is ignorance truly bliss or is it just denial and ignorance?

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