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I'm always surprised and amused when I read the reviews for products on QVC. How does someone give a product 5 stars and someone else give it 1? I was reading a review on  a BM lip set. The opinions couldn't be more different. That's why I take these reviews with a grain of salt and take my own chances.

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SNL could definitely do a comedy skit based on those reviews.

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I read them but don't put too much stock in them. I'll write a review on some items if I think it'll be helpful to someone else. 

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I don't know why it's so hard to understand as not all products work for everybody.  


I placed a review recently for a Halston moto jacket that got rave reviews but not from me as I thought it looked abominable when it was hanging open but looks good when zipped up and since I don't buy a jacket just to wear it closed all the time, it's going back.  

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Reviews are subjective even though we try to be objective about them.

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If it's a product I'm really interested in, i will read every single review for consistency.  I wanted to buy my sister a pick me up gift yesterday and the product had three stars. 342 five star reviews and 128 one star reviews.  Almost to a man, every negative review mentioned the same problem. 

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