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Re: furloughed worker, is this legal?

Since it is a small company it's very likely they may be barely getting by.  Perhaps that two-month period of not paying insurance benefits will enable them to stay in business?


Just a guess.

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Re: furloughed worker, is this legal?

@Cats3000 wrote:

This isn't the place to get that kind of information.  Your friend ought to contact the labor department in her state.  They'll be able to ask her the questions that will get to the bottom of what's going on.



Vacation law varies by state.  Illinois law, for one, says you are entitled to accrued vacation (if there is a vacation policy) to be paid no later than with the last paycheck.  I have a small claim for unpaid vacation time and Illinois did take up the cause for me.  Took two and half years, but they are getting to it.  


As far as a I know, no state requires that an employer offer paid vacation time: but if they do, it is considered part of your wages in Illinois.  Even if written into an employment contract, it is void if an employer says that you forfeit unused vacation time at the end of employment.