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Ran Into My Boss at the Grocery Store Today!

After work today I decided to go to Safeway and as I was going past the aisles, I saw my h/r manager. I stopped and said, "Hello" to her. It's always kinda weird to see your boss outside of work. It's kinda like seeing your teacher outside of school, you know what I mean? We chatted briefly. She asked me how work was. I said, "Eh". She then told me that she had already read the e-mail that I had sent her earlier (concerning an incident that happened at work today involving a co-worker of mine) and that it was something that was on her radar. I just nodded, and said that since it was work related, I really didn't want to discuss it outside of work. She said that she understood, and then we parted ways.

Ah, the "joys" of living in a small town!Cool