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I'm so sorry you & your wife lost Mr. Cruiser.  It's certainly a kick to the heart while at the same time, your hearts were filled with love & joy to have been so fortunate to have all these kitties part of your lives. 


Thank you both for having such huge hearts to adopt these homeless kitties yearts ago.  Angel Wings  Heart  I'll keep you both in my prayers for healing.  They never go away though do they?

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It was heartbreaking to hear about the loss of yet another of your furry babies.  I am so sorry that you and your wife have had to say goodbye to so many of your cherished pets whom you have loved for nearly two decades.   They were all loved dearly, I am sure.


I will keep your wife in my thoughts, hoping that she can deal with the loss of her precious tuxedo kitty.  As much as we do not like to choose favorites, it does happen that we sometimes bond more with some pets than others.  We "find" our compatible animal soul, I suppose.

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@hckynut ...I certainly will keep your wife in my thoughts and prayers.  Having had our beloved family dog put to sleep many years ago, I understand how painful it is to lose a furry friend.  God bless you, your wife and the furry friends you still have with you in your home.  May beautiful Cruiser be happy playing among the stars with his other brothers and sisters.  Heart

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It is so heartbreaking to lose a dear animal family member.

My heart goes out to you and your wife.


What a lucky kitty (kitties) to have found you and your wife.


My husband and I love our animals and still talk about the

ones who are no longer with us.  We have cherished them

and have photos up close and center to our lives no matter

how long it has been.


Take care of yourselves and know that so many here understand

what you are going through.  May his (their) memories be a blessing.




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@hckynut Thinking of all of you.  I'm so sorry for your loss, but it sounds like Mrs. Hckynut is out of the hospital and physically doing better now.  Best wishes to both of you and your furbabies!

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@hckynut - Wishing you and Cindy peace and the knowledge you did the most loving thing you could do for Cruiser.  And the hardest for you both; it's never easy saying goodbye to a beloved member of the family.  Heart

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@hckynut   It's my firm belief that no matter how much it hurts, you've done the most loving thing for you little one.  Hugs to you and Cindy, I know and feel your pain.

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My sympathy to you and DW.  Hard when so many are a similar age.


Extra hard when they were just so special to you.  He is at peace.

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@hckynut    ((hugs)) to you and your Wife. 

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Re: Rainbow Bridge III

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My heart breaks on hearing about the passing of your beloved  and cherished Cruiser.....Sending heartfelt hugs, prayers, and condolences to you and your wife...


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