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Such sad news to lose a pet and so I express my sympathies for the loss of Sadie cat.


I do strongly believe, animals - just like people - can die or sicken quickly - over having a broken heart, sadness over the loss of a companion so close. 


May you always remember her fondly and KNOW she is in a wonderful place w/all the other animals who have passed on over The Rainbow Bridge.  Cat Happy

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I'm so sorry, it's obvious how much you and your wife love your fur babies❤🌈

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@hckynut  So sorry for your loss. Hugs to you and your wife.

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So very sorry, John and Cindy.

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@Porcelain wrote:

I'm sorry to read this @hckynut. It's so hard to lose an important fuzzy member of the family. From the cats I've had, they seem to consider it being together just to be in the same room with you. And often they hide away when they feel ill or know they're about to cross over.


The way I see it, your dear wife was with Sadie when she passed, from a cat's point of view. Sadie must have felt very safe and trusted you both very much to allow her passage to happen nearby while everybody was cozy together sleeping and dreaming. Which we all know is one of the things cats love most in the whole world.



@hckynut  @Porcelain 

I'm sorry there's been another loss in your fur family. One of my cats disappeared when he was ready to pass away. He had not been sick. My other pets were in their usual places. I couldn't find him and was afraid he had gotten out of the house. Please give Cindy my condolences. It's sad when we lose our babies but we know they will always be part of us.



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Dear John & Cindy,


I am so sad to hear about the death of your Sadie.  Sharing tears with you.


Please tell Cindy that 

Sadie absolutely knew her Mom was there, and it was the very best comfort she could have had.  Be assured that she said ‘I love you always, thank you, and goodbye just for now’ before she left.


Sending you both best wishes for Comfort and Peace.

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Sorry to hear this.  Lifetime companions are often that.  Hope your DW does not feel too bad, her love was felt.

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So sorry for your loss John.


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I am so very sorry for you and your family.

The loss of our MOST cherished and beloved pets is a devastating punch directly to our hearts.


I know your pain, having lost several pets - and we really never get over it.


I hope the memories of all the love and happiness you shared, will help with the overwhelming loss and pain you'll be feeling for quite sometime.


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i am so sorry for this terrible loss, @hckynut