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Re: Rachael Ray

@apple1964 .........yes that is exactly why they watch the shows and QVC.  So they can come on these boards and bash people and products and the Q in general.  And when they have gotten to everyone, they start all over again.

"If its broke, God can fix it".....Joyce Meyer
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Re: Rachael Ray

@drizzella wrote:

@NYC Susan wrote



It's interesting that you say she doesn't seem as though she has a nasty/superior attitude.  I'm sure you're aware that the way many people seem on television is not at all the way they actually are in real life.

Oh Susan - you are so right.


When we were at Universal Studios, we were in the audience for the filming of a televised show. I could not believe what a jerk the host was during the breaks of filming. He was yelling at employees of the show and making sure they jumped for his every demand. But watching the show you would have thought he was a funny personable guy and having a wonderful time. Just what they wanted us to think.


Yes.  A lot of the entertainment business is about illusion and image.


I've worked with many people who are exactly the same as they seem to the public, but I've worked with others who are nothing like their public image.  In many cases it's simply that they're outgoing and gregarious on-camera,, but are actually much more shy in real life.  And some have abrasive, "out-there" images on purpose and are actually sweet and soft-spoken.  And of course there are those who are just overly-impressed with themselves and not nice at all.


Nearly everyone I've ever worked with has been kind, I'm happy to say.  And that's why the ones who aren't make an impact on those of us who work with them.

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Re: Rachael Ray

She needs to go,the hair thing is disgusting just don’t watch her.

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Re: Rachael Ray

I have grown weary of these posts that claim to "know" Rachael. Some friend of a friend saw or heard this and it is told as if it is the "gospel."


I happen to enjoy Rachael Ray's programming and I will leave it at that...