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Comedy Duo "Stiller & Meara" on The Ed Sullivan Show - YouTube


May Jerry Stiller rest in peace.  He is now reunited with his lifetime love, Anne Meara.


I'm one of those who remembers being introduced to these two talented comedians when they first appeared as "Stiller & Meara" on "The Ed Sullivan Show."  For me, they were always a duo and it took a bit of an adjustment for me to view each as a separate talent when they found other roles later in life.


They certainly belonged together.  

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I always enjoyed Stiller and Meara since their days on the Ed Sullivan show.  They made me laugh and those who make me laugh are always welcome in my life!  May Jerry Stiller rest in peace, he and Anne Meara leave their mark in the world of entertainment.

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Tuesday night Ben Stiller was on with Jimmy Fallon. He spoke so lovingly about his father and told wonderful stories, I could have listened to him for the whole hour.

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Raise a glass to him when Festivus rolls around again....after the airing of grievances, of course.