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RINGER reporting in--hospitalized since November 29

Just wanted to update everyone to let them know had surgery for a blockage and for10 days lived on nothing but water then got a pick line or whateve it is called, and have been in rehab since. I could do nothing and legs were huge but through physical therapy for an hour a day and occupational therapy 30 minutes a day. I have learned to never ever take ANY movement you do for granted. I have faced one of my biggest fears and had an ostomy and then will be reconnected 2 or so months down the road. This is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to face and the first 2 days my ostomy broke so let me tell you you have no idea how you get through what you need to but you do. I don't think I will be h ome until December 24 and guess we will celebrate the holiday whenver we can. Stitches come out Monday. I have learned a lot about myself and would you believe as I wrote some time ago, my twin sister died of this very blockage in May so how is that for twin I could do without but knowing my sister had aphasia and could not communicate, am grateful she did not have to deal with this.

I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and look forward to reporting in again which will be some time down the road.