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Never forget that day and where I was.  I was safe in a classroom with students.  My four daughters were in locations near the sites of terror.  DC, NYC (2), Pennsylvania.   

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My husband and I were in China.  We just came back to the hotel after having dinner.


My husband turned on the TV looking for an English speaking channel and found CNN.  He yelled for me to come and see.  I saw the second tower being hit live on TV while the newscaster was talking about the pentagon.

I was so confused.  Then it was explained what happened.  


Many Americans were stuck in China and couldn't get a flight home.  They were asking for prescription meds because they ran out.


Every day they went to the airport to wait on standby and returned to the hotel again doing this repeatedly for days.


The Chinese people had empathy and expressed their sadness to us.  My children were in a panic because they thought were would get permanently delayed in China.


We were fortunate that we could fly home on our scheduled flight. We landed in San Francisco instead of LA, but that was okay. We were home.


From there we flew to Las Vegas and had the city mostly to ourselves for a few days.  Then we flew to DC, then home to PA.


What I remember most, is how the people in America came together as one people.  There was no hate or bitterness.  No politicians fighting.


I wondered how long this would last.....well, not long.  I wish we could go back to being many people in one nation who would all be brothers and sisters again.


I certainly came home to a different country than the one I left a few weeks before.

Adding: A few weeks before 9-11, my husband and I

spent the night at a Baltimore airport hotel before flying to LA where we spent five days before flying to China.  There was a terrible storm in the area and the electric went out.  

The next day the computers at the airport were down because of the storm. No one could check to see any reservations or if we had tickets.  Everyone just got on the planes when they were ready for boarding free style.


I remember thinking that if the plane went down, they had no list of who was actually on the flight.  We could have gotten on any plane we wanted to and flown anywhere.  There was zero security.

Little did I know that our flight back would be even more terrifying.


There were  so many mistakes made.  Hindsight is 20/20.


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What a you for sharing it with us,