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Re: Qvc nothing like it once was



It will be interesting.  I wonder how many of those rings in the thousands will sell.

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Re: Qvc nothing like it once was

People seem so angry on the internet today. If someone says the sky is a beautiful blue, another will are wrong, it’s azure. I wasn’t attacking anyone, just saying the products offered aren’t the quality they once were. Of course, everyone knows things change. I used to shop at Talbots because they offered clothes in 100% natural fibers as did Lands’ End. Now, for the most part, both make their clothes with a mixture of rayon or polyester. I would buy just a few good pieces that would last forever. Yes, I am old enough to remember free personal tailoring at the finer stores...haha. I suppose that will now set off a new firestorm. Adieu.

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Re: Qvc nothing like it once was

QVC hasnt been the same for many years.The hosts are different, and I get they have to appeal to every demographic...but why do some of them have to act like 16 year olds?


I return more now, than I ever have.

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Re: Qvc nothing like it once was

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To be honest, every store has changed.  Nordstroms and even Neiman's isn't like it used to be.  Customer service is good, but choices, quality and size assortments are lacking.  At least at qcv if you find something they offer so many color choices and sizes!  Macy's is like a white front sale room these days.  At least in my area.  Messy, poor sizie choices, disorganized depts.  i hate having to look through 2 floors of tops, because they display them by designer, sport, dressy, juniors, womens, etc!!  I would like to go into a store to look for skirts or a top,and find all skirts in one area, all tops in one area.  At qvc at least if I look up tops, they show me all the tops they have to offer!


i am through with shops.  I go online.  Probably why the stores are closing. I dont like watching the Q on tv!  I havent in years.  To drawn out.  Chatter chatter chatter, and Some of the hosts are not ver professional.  But that is just my opinion.  I haven't watched since about 2000, so I guess truthfully I havent given them a chance laely.  But I can find stuff online, so no problem with purchasing things!


the sales clerks in the store have one answer at all stores if you ask if they have a certain top in your size, " I am sorry, if it is not on the floor we dont have it".  Remember when the said, " let me check in the back room ".  And the would usually find it.  Or, they said, " would you like me to order that for you?"  Lol, okay I am that old to remember all this

i would also like to mention, I think most stores and certain venues cater to women of a younger age.  Not women like me in late sixties or 70's..  


I think qvc has a large offering if you look online.  The styles today arent my total cup of tea, so I have a hard time everywhere finding something I love.  Sadly


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Re: Qvc nothing like it once was

I still love QVC. I am happy with what I buy. In all the time DH and I shop on Q, we have only sent 2 things back (I think). Thats pretty good after all we have purchased! lol. The only critique I will give is, I think that the clothing prices have gotten too high (over all). I find myself buying less in clothing. 

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