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This afternoon, I received an invitation to my very first Quinceanera.  I am so upset.  I cannot go.icon_exclaim.gif

I will be out of town for my GS graduation.


I would like to get a gift.  I won't be able to hand over the gift to her parents till I return which will be 2 weeks after the Quinceanera. icon_exclaim.gif


I had to ask one of my Hispanic female neighbors what is an approiate gift from a non family member.  I didn't want to give $$$.  Besides she will get a lot of it from her family.  My neighbor told me makeup!   Also, I should consider it a great honor to be invited.  Quinceanera's are usually attended by family & very very close friends.  Again, I am 1142954.gif


Anywho, I found the perfect makeup gift for a 15 yr old.....

Woke Up Like This' Makeup Kit - Eye Shadows, Blushes, Mascara, and Applicators

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at Thu, Apr 19, 2018-6.07.16 PM.png

includes a total of 23 eye shadows (with matte or pearl finishes), two matte blushes, mascara, applicators, and an embedded mirror. This product is light-weight and cruelty-free.


The name of the company is on the makeup box.


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i dont know how much you want to spend, but i think these makeup brushes are so cute and would make a nice gift.......maybe along with some lip glosses or lip tints and a makeup bag? there are also dupes to these tarte brushes on amazon.


mermaid brush.jpg


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Those brushes are cute.  Thanks for the heads up.

"Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference."
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@Mz iMac, the young lady will love that makeup kit.

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we have been to the church celebration for this event.


they are absolutely beautiful. Have had a few at our church. The one that was most memorable was a wedding type event. They actually had the girl in a bridal type dress and all her attendants were in very fancy dresses and the young men were in fancy tuxes. Flowers and all the trimmings. Very fancy indeed.

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Awww, I bet she will love that makeup.

My daughter has been lucky enough to have been invited to a couple Quinceanera's. She absolutely loved them. I wish you could go.

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@viva923, The majority of Quinceneara's the girl wears a beautiful gown in her favorite color and has 14 girls serving as her attendants with their escorts. They do a beautiful dance in group and of course there is the Father/Daughter dance. Very special and memorable. Also very expensive. 

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OMG! You brought memories back! I remember my quinceañera. Actually, we call the party, quinceañero and the birthday girl, quinceañera. The first time I ever wore makeup! Ulta store has a Be Beautiful collection that includes the brushes. It’s a beautiful rose pink and white train case that has 39 pieces. It will make a great and beautiful gift for any quinceañera! The best part, it’s on sale  right now. I just got one for my 16 yr old niece.