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Re: Quick click on Evine....a little surprised!

I, too was very shocked.  I actually checked which channel.  They were having fun and 'making light of it'...............

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Re: Quick click on Evine....a little surprised!


I was channel flipping last night.  It was sure racy!  Yes, they demonstrated the toys by showing how they vibrate in water and one toy had a tongue that was supposed to mimic a human tongue.  They were spreading flavors on their skin and licking and tasting...Showing thick gels that were slimy and gooey... oozing. LOL


i was okay with the toys, but was taken aback when the Host told everyone that she was a single women and how and when she used the toys.  There were many women on the show, they drank and had food and a round table discussion about their sex lives and what they did and how they incorporated the toys into their lives.  That part was a little too personal for National TV,  IMO. Way too much information. One of the women there was a sex therapist...and SHE unlike the others refused to answer questions about her personal sex life.


Almost everything sold out.  It was mostly toys, and some gels and a sex game. I only saw one piece of lingerie, a robe, but I didn’t watch the whole two hours. Most of the products were from Lelo..check the website.


i have to admit it raised an eyebrow or two...and I had a few laughs.  I almost expected the 1 800 phone-a-women commercials to appear.


I thought the Adam and Eve adult toy presentations on TV late at night were milder.

I watched the video playback of that one toy you mentioned.

Wow! Evine!

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Re: Quick click on Evine....a little surprised!

I never check Evine but I don't sleep well so I clicked on it. I am not a prude but I was surprised. I just got used to late night infomercials. I think it makes Evine look cheap. There are adult websites for the adult toys.