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Question for Ladies 50+ Would this comment offend you?

There is a lady that works out at my gym. She appears to be in her late 50's early 60's and she looks wonderful! Her outfits are beyond cute, she is in better shape than me, and she just carries herself with such grace and elegance.

I love dishing out compliments to others. I think its important. Its a small nice thing we can do for each other and it costs us nothing. I am always complimenting other women's hair, handbag, shoes ect. Plus I love the look on their faces you can just tell its make their day!

This lady is no exception so I the other she got on the treadmill next to and I was goign to tell her that she looks wonderful and if I look even half as good as her when I am her age I will be very lucky! But then I thought about it and I afraid it might come out wrong. She is super nice and I don't want to offend her.

What do you think?