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Question about my dog's hair on her tail!

My 12 year old mixed girl has lost quite a bit of hair on her tail where you can see the skin. It used to be real full. She also has very scaly skin and I shampooed her yesterday and her skin looks better but still skimpy on the tail. My last dog lost all her hair on her tail and she ended up with thyroid trouble and gained 30 pounds pretty quickly. When I put her on meds her tail hair grew back very full and she dropped the 30 pounds.

This dog is not gaining weight and the hair is not falling out it's just that I see her skin now and she had a big fanning tail. I hate to spend the money right now if it is not her thyroid. She does not act sick at all.

Anyone else have this problem? I have had a lot of dogs who all lived to be 17 and this has not happened before with the hair thinning out especially at 12. Her belly hair is also a little thinning but nowhere else. I did use a different shampoo on her for dogs that I bought from HSN this summer and I thought that might be it so I used my regular shampoo this time.