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Question about dog's behavior - long story but hoping for help here

Sorry this is going to be long but I hope you can bear with me as I'm hoping someone can shed light on this:

My sheltie is 9 mos old. She's previously been to the dog groomer 2x. Both times she seems fine and then out of nowhere comes a meltdown. She becomes crazed, barking and running around for about 2-3 minutes. During this "episode" you can't control her, can't pet her, can't even catch her. It's like she's possessed. Then she comes out of it and is quiet again.

Today was her 3rd visit. Both groomer and I thought she's just nervous and will become calm over time...just has to get used to the sounds, sights, smells of the whole grooming experience. But today was the worst episode ever. She was on the table calmly being dried when out of nowhere she FLIPPED. She threw herself off the table, ran around barking uncontrollably, then jumped at the door and it wasn't latched so it opened and out she went. She ran like a bat out of you-know-where up to the busy road, ran out in the road and in the middle of a lane she ran right straight head-on at a car almost like she didn't even see it in front of her! At the last minute she veered off into the opposing lane of traffic, crossed and ran into a field. Alll the while folks are honking, brakes are screeching, people are pulling over. Some even got out of their cars to try to catch her but there was no way. She's like an express train..her speed is amazing and shocking to me for such a little dog.

She continued to run all the way to the far end of the plowed field and out of sight into the woods at least 1/4 of a mile away. I was running, calling, screaming her name to no avail. It's like she's having a seizure and not aware of anything around her when this happens. But she's not seizing on the floor, she's crazed, possessed and maniacal(?) and full of super-dog strength and speed. (if that makes sense)

Of course, I couldn't run anymore - I couldn't even breathe almost. So I had to slow down to a fast walk and kept calling her name. And yes I was crying and gasping for air. (I was recently diagnosed with asthma and wasn't convinced but now I know for sure I do have it.)

Finally she must have come out of her "fit" and I spotted her walking at the edge of the woods quite a distance away. It was almost like she was confused and didn't know how she got there....? I called to her and she slowly and haltingly made her way to me. I had to carry her all the way back.

Anyone ever have this happen with their dog. I know I must call my vet 1st thing Mon. morning but just wondered if anyone could shed light on this.