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Question about Jill/what a caller once said to her.

I've just always wondered...It has to have been about four years ago now, but a caller called in-a long time viewer she said. Anyway, she told Jill she was so disappointed that she didn't marry David V. That she wish she had, and so on, and so on. Jill was very kind and said something like she made the right choice with her husband, and was very happy with her life and two children. It has just never left my mind and I thought it was very bizarre that someone would say that to a host. I mean, I've never heard anyone say to Lisa R., or Leah, or Pat for example that they wish they would have married David or any other male host for that matter, LOL. It has just had me wondering all these years if Jill and David were at some point, many years ago a couple??