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QVC item# E228298 and E228494

Does anyone know the difference between the two oled tvs qvc carries besides the 500 dollar price difference both tvs have the same model number EG9100 so that would make them the exact same TV right? The two TVs I'm comparing are QVC item# E228298 and E228494 Customer service hasn't been able to tell me the difference between the tvs except for the price.
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Re: QVC item# E228298 and E228494

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The only differences I see is that the more expensive comes with a 6' HDMI cable AND is at Q regular price.  The less expensive is at a "featured" price.  Also note that the less expensive featured price unit has S&H included whereas the more expensive one does not.

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Re: QVC item# E228298 and E228494

@Carl Kyker Please email us at, we've sent an inquire to the buyer and we can let you know when we have a response.

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