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@SharkE wrote:

don't even know if this will go thru or if it will go thru before my obit

hits the paper.  Takes forever to do anything in here.  Mess today

@SharkE   Horrible most of the time... I have given in to things not working  or working badly on this website.... They never fix much.

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This happened to me last week  The cable company had to rebbot my system to get it going  It wont go away unless you call them

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How can anything change when the Q hires 12 year olds with no proper training.


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I blamed my poor IPad, then realized I could go to all other sites. It just isn't worth the effort. 😡

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@QVCkitty1 wrote:

I blamed my poor IPad, then realized I could go to all other sites. It just isn't worth the effort. 😡

@QVCkitty1  Same here. It’s a QVC problem and I also blamed my IPad!

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I can see I am not alone with problems with the Q site.


plain awful trying to log on, getting bumped off every 2 seconds. Safari couldn’t open to busy to accept my log on info. You name it i got it this morn.



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@proudlyfromNJ : Today's issues just added to my long list. iPad checked and not problem just upset with all changes in the latest updates. Over month issue with WiFi dropping. Cable said not there modem. Purchased new router and no issues for a few days and then WiFi dropping again. Cable sending tech this afternoon. Just totally frustrated with all issues. One order in processing since the 18th. Southern Bee

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I thought it was just me.


1)  Numerous times, I tried to purchase a cardigan.  Kept getting a red error message to "pick a color."  But I had already picked a color.  Then the error message would not disappear so I could pick the same color again, so I had to get of the page and search all over again.


2)  Looking at page 1 of items, just to be given a message "your request is being processed" when I try to go to page 2.  I only wanted to go to the next page.


3)  Reading these forum posts, then all of a sudden I'm kicked out and have to sign back in.  Was it something I said???





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If the forums go under I'll miss some of you all.

In this day and age nothing is forever I'm learning that.

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A couple seconds ago, I had a notification and I clicked on it, poof, everything is gone.  Nothing there anymore.