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@lizzie1nc wrote:

I just tried to use it too and it would not accept it. I even read the fine print and nowhere did it say what the minimum purchase was or that it had to be used by a certain date. At least they should have said what the minimum price was. Not impressed. 

@lizzie1nc call customer service (if anyone answers), that's what I did and the rep put the code on my account so I could purchase something.

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I recently got a coupon card and attempted to place an order. When I submitted the code, I got the message "you are not eligible for this coupon..." or something to that effect. 


I attempted to call customer service and they are closed for the weekend.


Disappointed, as this is the first time I have seen free shipping on this item, but I understand that things are difficult for everyone at this time, so I just gave up and did not order.


I wish they would not send out these discount codes if they don't intend to accept them, because it becomes an unnecessary and frustrating experience.

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contact so that they can add your discount to your account.

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