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Q's Outlets Can Change Your QVC "Habit"

Recently I have been reading these boards and have discovered a common thread spanning everything from Jewelry to Fashion and everything else in between.

Prices and shipping/handling are going through the roof!

My last trip to QVC Land included visits to both the Q's outlets in Malvern (Frazer) and Lancaster. There I happily discovered Ryka shoes, Graver tops, Sports Savy jackets, various brands of costume jewelry, bedspreads, cookware, etc. at prices that were so over the top good that I couldn't pass various things up. When I got back home, I noticed that more than a few items purchased there were still available at the Q with much higher price tags.

I then found myself in an odd state of mind. I simply cannot watch the Q and want to purchase items that I know could be got for much much less. I mean how can I purchase another pair of Ryka's when my last pair cost $10 and change when those same shoes are still selling at the Q for $53.00 plus shipping/handling? It makes me pause and really say to myself...WAIT, don't buy it now, you just may find it at the outlet on your next trip. You get my drift....

Now I realize that not every outlet adventure can reap these kinds of rewards, but still, if they can manage to let items go at great outlet prices, WHY can't they sell items online at prices that are reasonable OR forgo those outrageous s/h charges? Let's face it, they are still making $$$ at these outlets or they wouldn't be open.

Well, I will get off the ol' soapbox now. Just wondering if any of you out there have experienced the same feelings after visiting the Q's outlets. Thoughts?