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Saw an "ad" from QVC on my home page for $10 off a $25 purchase. So I put up a "dummy" order to see it the code was good.  My luck, said it wasn't even though the item I wanted to "purchased" costs $51.  What gives?  Am I not see straight or doing something wrong? If anyone knows, please let me know. 

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I don't see such an ad.  If you did, maybe there was some "fine print", like for new customers?

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I dont see that type of ad on the home page either.

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Re: Promo Code, HUH???

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I don't see the ad either but are you sure it was for QVC and not HSN?  I know there is a code out there for 10 off 25 with HSN.

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@Coffeedrinker wrote:

Saw an "ad" from QVC on my home page for $10 off a $25 purchase.

Your browser home page?  A pop-up ad?  If so, like Kachina fonted, it's for "new customers only.


You need an ad blocker

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If QVC ever gave me a coupon code for anything, I'd probably faint.

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New customer only
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I did see one on the HSN Home Page today for 20% off one item. 

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The QVC homepage has become so cluttered and requires so much scrolling down to find what you may want, I don’t even bother anymore, I skip all of it and go down to come onto the forums.
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The promo code was on my browsers home page.  Didn't see any restrictions and it definitely was from QVC as it showed some of the items on my "wish list".  By the way the code was TAKE10 if anyone cares to try it before the mods delete my post.