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Re: Pricing has become a Joke

Yes.  Love Amazon shopping.  I do comparison shoppping now too.  Eyes wide open.  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Clearance Prices Etc. are a Joke

@IG wrote:

The Lunchtime Specials prices are a joke now too.


They used to offer a fairly deep discount for these items.......not now.

Absolutely correct! I used to shop the Lunchtime Specials and now they are a joke. There is hardly any markdown, and the styles are plain ugg. There are no clearance prices that motivate me to shop. I've given up on Denim & Co. The styles are plain frumpy and Graver is wayyyy too expensive for polyester now. My Q bill is down to nothing now. 

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Re: Clearance Prices Etc. are a Joke

LUNCHTIME SPECIALS    LT specials are a joke ! Whoa, saved $5.73 !  Can take that cruise now. Sometime back I used to buy 2 or 3 items a week, now their prices don't tempt me. Sad  Felinemom

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Re: Pricing has become a Joke

I noticed that a few things that were put on “clearance” were higher priced than when originally offered too.  Overall, I have always been happy with QVC, but this last year there were so many mistakes and mix-ups with my orders that I have learned not to depend on QVC for presents or complete outfits that I need for an occasion.  I was left scrambling several times this past year as they sent me the wrong color or even the wrong vendor’s item and then the original item that I had ordered was sold out.  One item was never shipped and finaly canceled after 4 months,  after I had bought the coordinating item that is useless without the other.


The recent pricing games comes across as being deceitful and doesn’t help the trust that I am losing in the Q.