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@KBEANS wrote:



You remind me of when I announce that I don't mind the rain,

...even when it goes on for days. 
Everyone always looks at me like I'm  crazy. 

People can express how much they love a sunny day, and proclaim it's beauty!  Then they turn around and complain about the humidity, in that same day they just called beautiful.

No one bats an eye.


Others can claim how beautiful the snow looks as it's

falling. Then criticize it after it piles up and inconveniences them. 

To this, others can nod their heads in agreement, and add their two cents, and share similar opinions, and it's all fine. Again, unfazed by the double standard.


Yet, when I say that I don't mind the rain, or God for bid... I like the rain, everyone sqwacks and is in disagreement with me.  I get all sorts of comments about  my comment, especially when I say," I don't care if it stops." 


I'm just giving a straight forward comment about my feeling toward rain. I don't mind being in it. I like to watch it. I don't care how long it lasts. I know it can be an annoyance, an inconvenience and it has been. That said, I still don't mind it. 😊 

At times, the rain gives me a chance, or an excuse, to not do anything! What's not to like about that? 


I also like the Songs about rain...especially the song by Gary Allan, titled,  😆 Songs about rain.  I love Kentucky Rain,  November Rain, Purple Rain, I Love a Rainy Night, I'm No Stranger to the Rain and I want to go outside in the Rain.
Just to name a few. 

Who knows why I like the rain? Maybe I was there for the 40 days and 40 nights of rain and I helped Noah build that ark. 😝 

Maybe because I'm a November baby?  My mother told me there was light rain, it was cloudy and foggy the day I was born, which was an Election Day.


So I really get your back to bed, in the dark bit. I find nothing crazy about that. In fact, I find it comforting.

I also like when it gets dark early too,  and enjoy daylight savings, switching back and forth.🍁  🍃🌅 🌝 but that's another story. 😝 



I've been so sad for those in NY dealing with all that flooding, and my heart and prayers have gone out to and for them. 🙏


@KBEANS, I totally understand your "kinship" with rainy weather.

You and I would get along brilliantly, @KBEANS.  I've always loved the rain.  As a kid I began a tradition of going out to the screened porch as soon as a steady rain began, taking a book to sit, read, and take in the scent and feel of the air.  Something both soothing and exhilarating about it.  Of course, any time I'm ready for a snooze, day or night, I'll open wide the window if rain is falling...  nature's lullaby, can't be topped by sound machines or apps.

Autumn is my favorite season, and I'm overjoyed to finally feel the changes as we slip into that lovely time of the year.

Also, I like the day-into-night and night-into-day time when the light is softly blending, twilight and pre-sunrise times.  Something magic in the air akin to that rainy atmosphere.

I hope your brother is having better and better days.  I continue to pray for him, for you, and for the medical folks who are watching over him.❤️

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@Tique wrote:

Quotes Animation | nem1ponto


Good monring All!

 I am supposed to be a Certified Observer Only on this thread. I am now returning to my "Seen but not heard from" status.




Category "Certified Observer Only"?  Hmmmm.  Doesn't compute. 🤔 🧐

Only category here is Preds' Magnificent Flower Garden, and you are one of the delightful blossoms, @Tique! ❤️






Few things reveal your intellect and your generosity of spirit—the parallel powers of your heart and mind—better than how you give feedback.~Maria Popova
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dear predsHeart and friendsHeart

@dooBdoo @KBEANS @MyShadowLove @Yahooey @SouthernBee @loveschocolate   


I remembered today that @Mj12 and i had exchanged email addresses sometime back...and i found hers and sent her a brief message this afternoon  telling her

That we missed her and hoped she was ok.


She replied



Thank you so much for emailing me!

I am doing pretty good.

I had anothe rprocedure last week to get clearance for brain surgery,but that went well.

Just waiting for a surgery date.


Anything medical takes forever these days!
I hope you are doing well and i promise to post soon,


I miss everyone.

Lubs ya!

You can update Preds&friends if you'd like .



lubs ya!Heart


preds 06-21-20
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for my friend @Mj12 that she gets clearance

gets what needs to be done

she will return to us stronger and healthier 💜 ♥️ 💜 ❤️ 


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shhhhh...... ai sitting in the darkness with mug of hot cawfee

the only light comes from my laptop

ai hears sumthin...


breathin.... pay it no mind...

it es too dark to go outside....


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thank u @cowboy sam for informing all of preds friends


u r a superhero


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GM Preds & friends! Heart

@cowboy sam  💜💜

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@Mj12 : Good Morning. You are in my thoughts and prayers for easier scheduling, appointments for whatever you need and speedy recovery.🤗🤗🤗🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤❤❤

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Heart (((((@Mj12 ))))) Heart...How sweet and thoughtful for you to stop by...You must be exhausted from all of the tests and now the waiting for surgery date...I bet your precious Lucy... (hope I got her name right)... is providing many cuddles and loving therapy and will most definitely be the most wonderful caregiver after surgery...We will be here for you sending out loads of (((((Hugs))))) & positive thoughts along the way! Heart


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Thank you everyone! I am worn out on doctor visits, tests, more tests, more visits. It's exhausting. I'm in good hands though.  Fingers crossed it'll be fixed soon. 🤞🏻