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I hope everything works out for you - prayers coming!

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Prayers for you and your family

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I am praying for our OP and family and for all who are in the industry during this time.

I live in oil and gas country and it is a hard time for so many. Blessings and prayers for you and others suffering.
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Losing a job through no fault of your own is difficult in normal times.  It's much worse, IMO, now in such uncertain times.


Sending prayers @busymom22 for you and your DH that he finds a job that he can take pride in once again.  He needs to understand that is not he who has failed in any way.  He has not.


In the meantime, don't be afraid to accept any and all help that is offered (food, etc.).  This truly is a national crisis; you are not in it alone.  Others want to help - let them. 


I pray you get your Christmas miracle.  Heart

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Sending prayers that your husband will find favor in his job search and soon be gainfully employed. I know it's tough for both of you, watching him go through this right now. Stay encouraged that God is in control. 

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I pray that God will comfort you both and that your husband finds a job very soon. I know that many are unemployed or in financial crisis now for the first time in their lives. It has been difficult for many to even ask for help. I will remember you both in my prayers and would love you to update us as the holidays come and go. Best wishes for your health and safety!

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Praying for you and yours @busymom22 .
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prayers being said for your family 

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@busymom22, You and your DH will surely be in my prayers.  So many years ago, my DH and many others got laid off from their positions at an aerospace company.  It was awful, and our youngest child was in his freshman year of college.  He worked hard, networking, going on interviews, etc.  He did take a part-time job, not much money, but good for his morale.

He ended up going to a job fair, in his part-time uniform, as he had no time to change.  He went up to these folks at the job fair and said, “I have my CV and am interested in working for your company.  There’s more to me than I look.”  Yeah, many years of productive hard work and a couple degrees in physics.

He got the job.  He was treated there the best he was ever treated.  Made more money, etc.  He retired from there when he was 70.

There are happy endings, and I do pray for you.  It’s so horrible to go through so much suffering.  We kept our son in college through it all, and he has done very well in life.

May God bless you and your husband.  All my best.





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@busymom22   I will pray intensely for your husband to obtain a job swiftly.


These months and months of all sorts of difficulty are taking such a toll on the good people here and across the planet.


Being out of work and having your financial underpinnings slip away one by one are truly frightening.


I will also be praying for you to continue to be strong so that you can help keep his spirits lifted.  There are many, many folks here who do understand and will also pray, I'm certain.


Warm regards,



Washington, DC