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So annoying!  Anyone know how to get rid of it?  Posted in customer care as well.  LM

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@Lilysmom1   I have never even seen that pop up.  Right now I am on my iPad.   Wonder why, just not enough to ask to see it!

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Yes I get it when I use my Iphone.  When I'm on my laptop I don't see it.  And yes it's annoyingly LARGE...if they used a small banner at the bottom or a small box you could close out I could deal with that but it's definitely "in your face" when it does pop up.  And it doesn't go away.  So as soon as I click on something it's there again and I have to scroll down to what I'm searching for.  

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Re: Pop up for QVC app

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@Lilysmom1  and @eadu4,  

If you tap on the words

"Continue to Mobile Web"


below the red "GET"word/bar

it should go away.

Be careful not to tap on the red "GET" word/bar, because that only takes you to the app to download it and doesn't remove the pop-up.






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The one that says "going, going, going.....low in stock"?

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Re: Pop up for QVC app

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@Lilysmom1 @Follow DooBdoo's advice. This works. 

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@Mindy D wrote:

@Lilysmom1 @Follow DooBdoo's advice. This works. 



It did NOT work on my Samsung phone.  It took me to GET the QVC app and I do NOT want it.


It only appears on my phone, not on any computers or Kindle. 


It is extremely difficult to navigate around it and I have given up on a couple orders because of it.

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I was getting it for days on my tablet and would just leave the site because I couldn't get rid of it taking up the entire screen. Took me a couple days to realize I just had to scroll down below it lol. But now it's gone thanks to @dooBdoo .  My "continue to..." was off to the side in very small letters and I never noticed it. Thank you @dooBdoo 

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@dooBdoo  et al, thanks!  Fir some reason it is the smaller pop up this morning.  I wonder why they are pushing the app?  

anyway, happy to see 'less' of it!  LM

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I go off and on my IPad  all of the time! 

Every time I go to QVC on my IPAD that thing requesting me to put the App on my IPad pops up....every single time!

I consider the space for apps to be prime real estate.  I carefully choose what will be on it.  QVC is not one of them.


I would think QVC would get the message.   I would think that my ignoring it 23 times in 2 hours would be enough time?

I wrote it in the form of a question because I'm wondering how many more times I need to ignore it.