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Wow, a polyester skirt for $69.99?

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Re: Polyester skirt

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 Are you rederring to  the Joan Rivers  plaid  skirt ?

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Isaac Mizrahi Live! Special Edition Floral Printed Ball Skirt


It's gorgeous.

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While I don't wear skirts, that one is gorgeous.  I can understand the price.

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Considering that it is fully line, has a zipper and pockets, I don't think it's a bad price at all especially compared to some of the other overpriced items the Q sells, e.g., SG tops for $60+.



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I think what makes the price seem unreasonable is that they paired the skirt with a casual tee shirt top.  If you want to call it a ball skirt, use a different top to sell it.

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I think part of the appeal of that skirt is how cute it looks with ballet flats and a T-shirt, but it could be dressy with a white blouse and pumps.