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What do you think about the popularity of this game? Do you or someone you know play? I will pass since I am on electronic devices too much as it is.

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I'm 56 and my girls and their hubbies are all 30ish.  So, I don't know anyone who is into that silliness.  I can see how teens and early 20somethings might have fun with it. 

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We had a wedding in downtown last night and people were everywhere doing this.  I'm just glad I didn't hit them, but they were having fun.  Every generation has their "thing".  It could be worse.

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If I was younger I probably would be tempted to try it but, I am past the age of the people that play this game ... I really would love to try it just for fun but, I would get too involved & walk into people or traffic!!!! lol 🙀😱


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The game isn't for me, for for those who do play it, have fun, and please, stay safe!

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I play.  I'm just a Level 8, though, and have only caught about 30 different types. (I'm currently incubating my first eggs.☺️)  I only play when I'm on WiFi.  DH and I have played Pokemon along with our son from the time he was in preschool.  

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Pokemon has been around for years, a lot of the people playing are ones that grew up playing it. 

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Just had it explained to me by children and grandchildren!!  Sounds fun if you like that kind of thing!  I just told them all to be careful!!  I am a worrier by nature!!Woman Wink

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I'm from the generation that used to see how many people we could fit in a telephone booth.  Does anybody remember that???  Does anybody remember the phone booth???


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Re: Pokemon Craze

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Oh my goodness! I'm so embarrassed.

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